crying now.

feeling so lonely right now.

dreaming of another world.

just want to escape the afflicion in here.

can't stand the pain,

love on earth drops on me slowly.

praying, begging for a chance.

indeed i can see this grey film on the horizon.

what am i doing wrong here?

please rescue me and keep me in your care.

i'm crying now, crying for revange for this life on earth.

sick of it.

don't you here me in your nice heaven? 

9.2.10 22:24


Only amiable persons.

Did you hear it?
The sloping heaven only wanna have amiable persons,
So piss off if you aren’t.
We don’t need you there.
Stay in your sucking world of hate and lies.
Decay in your grey slummy houses,
Because you’ll always be to dishonest,
To live in a better world, bitch.
3.6.08 18:50

Is it demanding, to believe in fairytales, baby?

And now listen careful to me baby!
The sloping heaven is also demanding.
You cannot struggle against it,
You cannot avoid his intention.
It only chooses the ones,
Who believe in awesome miracles,
Who believe in those breathtaking fairytales.
My heaven will cut those persons into pieces,
Who would fight against mystic surprises.
It don’t want nasty people,
Because those are also existing on earth.
Believe me, it’s a better place to live.
3.6.08 18:50

nothing's so crucial- not even you

‘Hey darling’, he whispered
into her lovely thinny ear.
She lay down in the sun,
Sleeping composed
Accord with herself.
Just like he wasn’t.
She never knew so,
He didn’t want to incriminate her.
Strange situation.
‘My dear, do you see the sky?
It’s sloping now.
It’s there for me.
I’ll come back for you some time.
Hey Darling,
Nothing’s so crucial as this other world.
Not even you. I’m sorry.’
And then he was gone.
Forever auspicious.
5.5.08 19:16

baby, keep faith with it.

Baby, you’ve lost everything
Yesterday the world seemed right.
But what u don’t know is,
That you’ve lost control
About your despicable life
Darling, you have to keep faith in it,
Didn’t I tell you so?
Not dangerous, just incredible and gorgeous.
Hey, you’ll lose your last chance
To be contended.
You see, when the heaven is sloping,
It’s not the general sky.
Some people can see it,
I can feel it as well.
Try baby, try.
Otherwise you’ll pass up this singular opportunity!
14.4.08 20:52

just like a back door

If you are at a lost,
The torments come over you again and again.
Everything seems desperate.
So maybe you’ll lucky and it’ll take you.
Believe me, it’s better this way.
You cannot understand the heaven.
It’s not the heaven, that you are dreaming of.
It is the sloping heaven,
The heaven of eternal silence, security and mysterious dreams.
In my heaven, there are no Commitments, but you can learn much more, than here.
Yes, maybe we’ll meet there some day.
It’ll rescue me from these worse people on earth.
It’s just like a backdoor.
Yes, maybe we’ll meet there some day.

You only have to believe

in the sloping heaven.

7.4.08 17:32

Here. i. am.

Here I am, my dear.
Take me away.
Take me with you.
.To a place we both know.

To a place,

we can hide from the others.
Where we are alone.
Take me.
Take me with you, darling.
And never bring me back.

.To life.

11.12.07 21:30